Niki Weiss — Oct 17 2013

This past Thursday in what has been a particularly hot October, our meeting got a little hotter. Known by her closest friends to ask the un-ask-able questions our Sister Niki Weiss put a new spin on our Sister of the Month segment and told her story through a series of tough questions. Lead by  a turn of events that seemed more chaotic than plucking a question from a basket, Niki began her life having to make sense of it all. Burying both her parents far too soon, Niki had none other than herself to rely on, a circumstance that cultivated strength and independence. With two angels on her shoulders she took flight taking life by the horns. Through Niki we learn that there’s no boundary you can’t cross and its your circumstances that give you the strength to fly.

Niki Weiss is a professional facilitator specializing in masterminds, through which she had the privilege of working with the group who created The Secret. She cherishes her experience working in a hospice facility and is a skilled massage therapy technician. To continue the conversation with Niki please connect with her on LinkedIn and facebook.

Sister of the Month: Niki Weiss
Position: Professional Facilitator

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